The world’s smartest standing desk

Ready for the home office

Freedesk Desk Riser is the standing desk you have been waiting for! With an assortment of desk risers on the market today that serve the purpose of allowing people to stand while working, these big mechanical contraptions become a permanent fixture to your desk and takes up valuable space. The Ultra-slim Freedesk Desk Riser blends in with your desktop with less than 1 inch thickness, and is extremely portable at only 5.5 kg, so you can move it from room to room, or between your home and workplace. With 9 different slots you can adjust it to the level that works best for you.

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Change working position in 2 seconds

"Sitting is the new smoking" - the past few years, studies around the world have highlighted the risks of living your life in a sitting position. The scientific community is unanimous in its belief ; we need to spend more time standing up and activate ourselves. The benefits working while standing are significant, both for your productivity and your health. Just by standing 2 hours every workday, one can drastically reduce the risk of heart attacks, cancer and diabetes



One table gives you many possibilities

Find the one that suits you?

Original Large

349 €
adjustable in 9 levels
Screen + Laptop + Keyboard + Mouse

Original Compact

319 €
adjustable in 9 levels
Laptop + Mouse

Light Large

259 €
adjustable in 9 levels
Screen + Keyboard + Mouse

Light Compact

239 €
adjustable in 9 levels
Laptop + Mouse