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How do I lift and lower it?

Lifting the Desk Riser couldn’t be simpler. Grab the table with both of your hands and lift it straight up. To lower it again, release the table top from its locked positon by lifting it with your right hand, and simply lower it. This works just as well as for left-handers as for right-handers.

How much can it hold?

The Freedesk Desk Riser has been designed to match people’s preferences. Its height is adjustable to 9 different levels and we have tested it extensively for well above 30 kg / 66 lbs. However, as safety is of great importance to us, our recommended maximum weight is set to 10 kg / 33 lbs. that means you can choose to use it with a really hefty laptop, a very big monitor AND a large cup of coffee, without having to worry about the desk’s stability.

What payment methods are you offering?

Stripe for payments with Visa, Master and American express.

I’m a retailer / distributor and would like to extend my assortment with Freedesk Desk Riser. How do I proceed?

Please contact us at contact@thefreedesk.com

I am 1.90 m / 6′ 3″ tall, can I use the desk?

After conducting market research we have concluded people taller than 1.95 m / 6′ 5″ tend to find it less comfortable to use it than shorter people. If there is a great demand, we promise that we will work on a solution that will be available for all of you 6’ 6”/ 2 m plus people as well!

The Freedesk Desk Riser is the coolest product I’ve seen in years. Where do I make the order?

Thank you! Order your Desk Riser today for immediate dispatch. We use UPS to ship internationally and the delivery time is 3 – 5 days.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us