About Freedesk Desk Riser

Everything started with a question: Why are we sitting down so much?

The Freedesk Desk Riser saga started several years ago when the founder, Stefan Westergård, heard about the sitting disease for the first time. The insight of knowing the benefits of working while standing planted a seed in Stefan’s mind, a seed that would later develop into The Freedesk Desk Riser.

Stefan started off by, simply, putting a chair on a desk, and by using the cushion of the chair he turned it into a height-adjustable work space surface, perfect for placing a computer on. He enhanced the prototype by adding a wooden tablet on the chair pad, and voilà – the Freedesk Desk Riser was born; a flat work space that is easy to lift and easy to move.

From being a loose idea – a chair on a table – the Freedesk Desk Riser has developed into a fully commercialized product, ready to be shipped around the world. The Freedesk Desk Riser has been built on the core values of craftsmanship and availability, and we are proud to say – It is now ready to help people achieve a more active and healthier lifestyle! The Freedesk Desk Riser has been designed in the southern parts of Sweden.