Case Study: Rinnebäcksskolan

Schools have, since the beginning of time, been characterized by work sitting down. More and more studies show that working standing up is just as important for children as it is for adults – something that schools in Sweden have begun to take notice of. Several schools are now in the process of creating an environment where students can choose how they work.

The problem most schools face when converting to height adjustable desks is the cost of having to replace the existing furniture.

The Freedesk Desk Riser has been developed in cooperation with not only occupational therapists and ergonomists but also principals and teachers, in an effort to make the Freedesk Desk Riser available to everyone. The low cost, combined with the flexibility, makes the Freedesk Desk Riser a perfect fit for schools, which Rinnebäcksskolan realized early on.

For more than a year Rinnebäcksskolan has been using the Freedesk Desk Riser in their classrooms and the results are astonishing.

The students immediately took to the Desk Riser and started using it for purposes we hadn’t even dreamed of – everything from educational Lego building to solving problems in their math books. Sitting down, which previously was the obvious position for work, was instantly substituted for the ability of working standing up.

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