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Freedesk Desk Riser, the simplest sit/stand desk ever created.

Freedesk Desk Riser is the standing desk you have been waiting for! It is simple, beautiful and affordable, designed to transform any surface from being passive to being flexible. With 9 different slots you can adjust it to the level that works best for you. The lightweight design makes the Freedesk Desk Riser extremely portable, so you can move it around inside the house or between your home and workplace.



"Sitting is the new smoking" - the past few years, studies around the world have highlighted the risks of living your life in a sitting position. The scientific community is unanimous in its belief ; we need to spend more time standing up and activate ourselves. The benefits working while standing are significant, both for your productivity and your health. Just by standing 2 hours every workday, one can drastically reduce the risk of heart attacks, cancer, or diabetes



One desk - endless list of opportunities

The Freedesk Desk Riser is developed just for you. For your home, your workplace, your preferences.
Choose between 8 different colors; Paris Blue, Lime Green, Scarlet Red, Maize Yellow,
Burgundy, Jet Gray, Pitch Black and Snow White - what color are you?

For your home

The benefits of a having a standing desk in your home is not restricted to those with a home office but for everyone that spends a lot of time sitting down, in front of the computer or an iPad. The Freedesk Desk Riser converts any surface into a height adjustable table top, and with its lightweight design it's easy to stow away once done using it. Furthermore, the Freedesk Desk Riser comes in several colors - making it available for your home and your preferences.

For the office

Our ambition in, designing the Freedesk Desk Riser has been to develop a product that's portable, easy to use and affordable. Employees and co-workers simply integrate the Desk Riser with their desk, at their current workplace, transforming it from a sitting desk to a standing desk within seconds. The table-top works very well as a complement to your current conference room where participants can choose to stand or sit during the meetings. Furthermore, the simplistic design and the light weight of the table make it a welcome addition to flexible and open work spaces.

For Schools

Studies from the UK have shown that children in classrooms with standing desks are more likely to feel happy during their time in school, the pupils are more creative and with a greater sense of well-being. Moreover, they are more engaged in the classroom and have demonstrated improvement in their educational test scores. The simple and accessible design makes it easy for children and teachers to move the Freedesk Desk Riser around in the classroom, making standing up while working available for everyone.